Websites I’ve Worked On Over The Past Year

June 10, 2014 | Comments Off on Websites I’ve Worked On Over The Past Year

I can’t believe nearly an entire year has gone by since I last updated my blog! I assure you it’s not because of a lack of work! For those of you who don’t know, a little over two years ago I was hired as an Online Marketer/Web Developer at Douglas Marketing Group in Windsor. While I still create and build websites on my own, I spend most of my working hours building websites and strategies for those website with Douglas.

Over the past year I’ve been fortunate enough to work on several really cool web projects as lead developer, as well as search engine optimizer, community manager and overall strategy development. I figured since it’s been so long since I updated my blog that I’d come back with a post over viewing some of the projects I’ve worked on in the last year or so for both Douglas Marketing and on my own free time.

Lucas Professional Search Group

Lucas Professional Search Group

I’ve worked on quite a few projects over the past year, but I have to say one of my favourites has to be the website for the executive recruitment firm Lucas PSG. This was a project done by Douglas Marketing Group where I was the lead developer and programmer. Why do I like this site so much? It’s just so clean, concise and easy to understand. There are no flashy animations, not overloaded with unnecessary pictures, just straight to the point. The site was built using a WordPress framework as well as a custom content management system to handle the job search section. The blog is simple to update and after an hour long training session is completely maintained by the client.

ICS Laser Technologies

ICS Laser Technologies

ICS Laser Technologies was another project I worked on through Douglas Marketing Group. For this one the design of the site was actually completed by the clients’ internal resources and sent to us for programming. It includes a full image background which stretches and shrinks based upon screen site and also has a separate mobile site which works across all mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. What I like most about this one is definitely the imagery. Brendan at ICS did a great job getting me some high quality images which look amazing when viewed on a 20″+ size monitor.

Don’s Disc Jockey

Don's Disc Jockey

One of the sites I was able to find some time for on my own was Don’s Disc Jockey. This site is a bit more basic than some of the sites I’ve worked on with Douglas Marketing, however it fit perfectly into what Don was trying to do. He had been using a purchased CMS that allowed for payments, song selection and much more. He just needed a “front-end” for his potential customers to use to pretty things up a bit. I designed and programmed all the front-end pages of the site, chose the appropriate stock photography and adapted the CMS to his branding and colours.

5 Useful WordPress Plugins You’ll Like

July 19, 2011 | Comments Off on 5 Useful WordPress Plugins You’ll Like

Wordpress Icon When it comes to creating a blog online, there is no better content management system than WordPress. Not only is it easy to use, operate and install, but it offers some of the best plugins for web designers and online marketers. Whenever I setup a WordPress blog, there are a few plugins that I always install just after I install WordPress. Some of these plugins just make the site look more professional, some of them help with social media and SEO and some of them are just fun to have on the site!

1) All in One SEO Pack – This one is pretty self explanatory, but a definite must have for anyone hoping to rank better in the search engines. This plugin allows you to create post specific titles and descriptions as well as create search engine friendly URL’s.

2) Configurable Tag Cloud – CTC takes all the tags you’ve used in your posts and allows you to make fancy tag clouds out of them. An example of this can be seen to your left. I’ve used the tag cloud to customize which tags I want bigger and which I want smaller.

3) WP-PostViews – WP-PostViews counts how many clicks each of your posts and pages have. You can then use this information to create widgets which you can add to your sidebar. This is great if you want to create a “Most Popular Posts” widget that allows people to see the most popular posts and how many views they have.

4) WP-Socializer – If you look at the bottom of each of my posts, you’ll find a bunch of icons that can be used by you to help promote or “like” my info. That’s exactly what this plugin does. They have over 100 icons from various social media sites around the web that you can use.

5) WP-reCAPTCHA – Tired of blog comment spam? Add this plugin to your WordPress and it will easily help cut out 90% of blog comment spam. As you can see from my comment section below, you have to put in a “human verification” code. This prevents “bots” from spamming your blog without actually visiting it.

My Designs – Windsor Squash & Fitness

May 17, 2011 | Comments Off on My Designs – Windsor Squash & Fitness

About a month ago, I put the finishing touches on one of the web designs I really think turned out great! The all new Windsor Squash & Fitness website is up and fully functional. I designed and developed the entire site myself. I also handled the email marketing, social network development and search engine optimization for the site.

Windsor Squash & Fitness

When I first approached Brian about a custom web design for his business, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I noticed his site hadn’t been updated in a few years and it looked like it could use a new design. He explained to me that he really wanted a modern looking site that had the ability to collect email addresses, offer free trials and be updated by him on a regular basis. Since he wanted an affordable web design, I told him we should setup a WordPress blog for the updates. I find WordPress to be one of the most user friendly content management systems out there and since you can install it for free on your website, it was a no brainer.

The result was a site that we were both very happy with. He loved the fact that he could easily update his site with a click of a few buttons as well as collect new leads with his free trial membership option at the top of the page. Here are a few kind words from Brian after project completion;

“We recently began working with Sebastian on a redesign of our website. In our initial visit, he listened and developed a true understanding of our business needs. He then worked quickly, made the entire process easy and he showed a great deal of passion, dedication and creativity.”

I’d like to thank Brian for the opportunity to work on the website design and I look forward to working with him on updates for the site in the near future!

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