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March 19, 2017

My Web Designs – Aging Beautifully

Aging Beautifully Website

About 6 weeks ago, I received an email from a lovely woman by the name of Lynn Sampson asking me if I could help her with setting up a website. She wanted to use the website to share posts about her life as a senior citizen in Windsor-Essex. A few days later, we met at Starbucks to discuss what she hoped to achieve with her website. After about 5-10 minutes of discussing options we came to the realization that the best bet for her would be to setup a personal blog using WordPress as the CMS.

The next question I had was whether or not I should custom design the WordPress theme for Lynn’s website or purchase a pre-designed theme online and customize it for her needs. I told her I’d evaluate both options and get back to her with some samples of pre-designed themes that might work. After a few days of searching I sent her 3 themes and we both fell in love with Solstice, a theme designed by Seaboard Themes.

Lynn had already purchased the perfect domain name for her blog ( so I got right to work setting up hosting and installing WordPress on the domain. Within a couple of weeks I had a strategy complete for the types of categories she would utilize as well as the image size, Sidebar and Footer. We worked together closely via email and phone to get the fonts, colours and social media links just right before we met again in-person to conduct the WordPress training.

For the 1-hour training session, Lynn and I worked through several aspects of the website including: how to post blogs, how to upload photos, how to add hyperlinks and how to choose categories. Lynn had a lot of great questions during the training and was able to quickly grasp what she needed to do. Just this past weekend, she posted 3 blogs with little to no help from me and has started her journey into providing friends, family and seniors insights, good feelings and awesome places to visit in Windsor-Essex.

A few kind words from Lynn

“I was really having a hard time finding someone to help me with designing a web page, so as a last resort I Googled web designers and up popped Sebastian’s name! Lucky for me! He responded to my email very quickly and we set up our first meeting! Sebastian knew what I was looking for in a web design and within a very short amount of time, I had my fabulous design set up for me! He’s been a help beyond measure! I’m no spring chicken and he’s guided me thru these challenges with humour and efficiency! Even now that the project is complete, I can still call him and he always responds quickly and with such professionalism!”

– –

Thanks Lynn for the opportunity to work together! I wish you all the best with your blog!

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