My Web Designs – Forte Services

March 9, 2012 | Comments Off on My Web Designs – Forte Services

It’s been awhile since I updated the my web design and online marketing blog, but I promise you there is a good reason! I’ve been incredibly busy creating and developing online strategies for several new clients and small business in Windsor and the surrounding area!

One of my latest web designs was created for Forte Professional Services. They’re a small company serving clients in Windsor and Detroit on everything from utilizing tools such as fax all the way to web based applications.

Forte Professional Services

When they initially contacted me about their new design, one of their main focuses was having a contact form and a custom professional looking design. Their original design was built using a do-it-yourself site builder on GoDaddy that served its purpose at the time, but became outdated in recent months.

They wanted their site simple, so I suggested 5 page site using the color of their logo mixed in with a bright green to attract people to their links and contact page. If a potential client or contact fills out the contact form, they will be notified right on site that their email was sent.

I also did some basic SEO work by editing their META tags and doing a bit of research on what their clients may be searching for when using search engines to find their business online.

My experience with Forte Professional Services was a huge success! I’d like to thank Karen and everyone at Forte for their help in building a site that I, and most importantly they love!

My Designs – Windsor Squash & Fitness

May 17, 2011 | Comments Off on My Designs – Windsor Squash & Fitness

About a month ago, I put the finishing touches on one of the web designs I really think turned out great! The all new Windsor Squash & Fitness website is up and fully functional. I designed and developed the entire site myself. I also handled the email marketing, social network development and search engine optimization for the site.

Windsor Squash & Fitness

When I first approached Brian about a custom web design for his business, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I noticed his site hadn’t been updated in a few years and it looked like it could use a new design. He explained to me that he really wanted a modern looking site that had the ability to collect email addresses, offer free trials and be updated by him on a regular basis. Since he wanted an affordable web design, I told him we should setup a WordPress blog for the updates. I find WordPress to be one of the most user friendly content management systems out there and since you can install it for free on your website, it was a no brainer.

The result was a site that we were both very happy with. He loved the fact that he could easily update his site with a click of a few buttons as well as collect new leads with his free trial membership option at the top of the page. Here are a few kind words from Brian after project completion;

“We recently began working with Sebastian on a redesign of our website. In our initial visit, he listened and developed a true understanding of our business needs. He then worked quickly, made the entire process easy and he showed a great deal of passion, dedication and creativity.”

I’d like to thank Brian for the opportunity to work on the website design and I look forward to working with him on updates for the site in the near future!

My Designs – Montessori Early Years

March 22, 2011 | Comments Off on My Designs – Montessori Early Years

Last year in March I was contacted by the Montessori Early Years in LaSalle to design, develop and administrate their website. It was the first time they’d ever had a website designed and they weren’t sure exactly what they wanted or what’s more, what their customers wanted. I designed a simple site for them that listed their general info, admission fees and contact info. They were very happy with the result.

Early this year, I decided to have a meeting with them to discuss the renewal of their hosting as well as a few things I thought we should add to the site. After a few hours of conversation we decided to scrap the first design and go with something fresh and new. Something that was more playful and lighthearted. What I came up with can be see by clicking this link; Montessori Early Years or viewing the image below.

Montessori Early Years

As you can see I’ve done away with the black and dark brown theme of the site and gone with a more light-hearted yellow and blue. I’ve also added a Javascript to the header of the site which switches the main image each time a page is viewed. As far as the back-end goes, it’s all done with CSS and a DIV based layout. I’ve added a “members only” area using PHP which parents can log into and view important PDF’s as well as private photo albums. I’ve also added a “news” section which can be updated easily by staff at Montessori or by myself.

Suffice to say the new design went over very well at MEY. The principal couldn’t be happier with the result and said their parents loved the new photo album viewer (which I did with a simply Lightbox).

If you’re interested in having a website designed and/or developed by me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I offer some of the best affordable custom web designs in the Windsor area.

Using Lightbox With Photo Galleries

February 14, 2011 | Comments Off on Using Lightbox With Photo Galleries

If you’ve been keeping up with my @sebas_agosta Twitter account lately, you’ve probably noticed that I’m currently creating a brand new custom web design for the Montessori Early Years. You can see the current website design I did about a year ago in my portfolio. As you can see the site already looks out-dated and is clearly not some of my best work.

The new design includes much “softer” and “inviting” colors as well as much better coding on the back end. The site is now completely built using a DIV based layout and CSS. One thing that I was really excited to change was the photo gallery section on the site. The script I used for the first design was very tedious and quite frankly a pain to update. The code I’m using for the photo galleries now is called Lightbox and more specifically Lightbox 2.

Most of you have probably seen some variation of Lightbox online when searching through photos on certain sites. Facebook now uses a form of Lightbox for it’s photo galleries as well as many other mainstream sites. Lightbox is coded using Javascript and CSS and is very simple for even the most beginner web designer to implement on their page. All the information on coding and files for Lightbox can be found on this site.

Lightbox will make your photo galleries much more elegant and simple to navigate. I’d recommend Lightbox for anyone who has thumbnail photos they want expanded when clicked. Give it a try and if you have any questions on it, feel free to comment below!

My Designs – Flash Frwd

February 11, 2011 | Comments Off on My Designs – Flash Frwd

About a year and a half ago a friend of mine asked me if I could do a web design for him for the television show Flash Forward. He was crazy about the show and wanted to create a fan site for it to update people with news, information and secrets about the show. He thought the show was going to be as big as “Lost” and wanted to jump on it. He purchased the domain and already had an idea for the design. We discussed it for a bit and came up with what you see below. Sadly, the show only lasted one season and wasn’t very popular so he let the domain expire a few months ago and now the site isn’t online anymore.


Since you can’t view the website design online anymore, I’ll try to describe it the best I can. The header of the site was done in flash. When you first opened the page the characters flew in across the top and them settled into the position you see. The rest of the site was used to update people on what was happening with the show as well as promote the next episode. On the left side of the page you may be able to see an input box where fans of the show could enter their email address. I set up an email marketing strategy for him that actually worked quite well for the few people that signed up. I also did a bit of on site search engine optimization for him by adding proper meta tags as well as well as using bolded titles for each section.

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