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“The day you start talking to your audience and it’s about them, that’s the day that business really happens.” – Unmarketing, Scott Stratten

Social Media Marketing

Increase your reach by posting socially engaging content.

Sharing your company’s unique ideas, products and services on social media is a great way to expand your reach. The sheer number of people you can influence on social media makes having a presence worthwhile as long as you have an engaging execution plan. The days of sharing articles, photos and videos which aren’t original to your business are over. The days of sharing your unique views, personality and content are here.

One thing that needs to be considered in any social media marketing strategy is your commitment too maintain it on-going. Users who become a Fan of your social media sites become a Fan because they want to engage with you. There is no such thing as a one-way conversation on social media. If a customer contacts you via social media, then you should respond right back using that same platform.

Use your social media as a tool for not only increasing your brand awareness but also for customer service, content marketing, lead generation and sales.

Fully integrated social media campaigns.

Having a consistent brand across all your traditional and online marketing materials makes it easy for your customers to associate your business with a particular message. Integrating your social media within those branded materials is key to expanding your social media reach. Websites designed and developed by me come fully-equipped with links and icons to your social media platforms as well as content Share icons for blog, portfolio and products.

One big no-no in my book is using one social media platform to automatically post that exact same content to other social media platforms. The same goes for scheduling the sharing of posts. Both instances to me go against the exact nature of social media. It’s not there to be used as a megaphone for your business, it’s there to be used as a conversation starter with your potential customers.

Did you know?

Consumers expect brands to be active on 3-4 social media networks.

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